Structure of the building

Structure of the building

The basic elements of a SQUARE HUS building – walls, floors and roof – are made of interconnected, insulated wooden construction panels. These elements are industrially manufactured, which means that during the manufacturing process they are not subject to adverse effects of weather conditions or any other external factors, thus making the end-result and production deadlines clearly foreseeable. 



Ordering and delivery of the building

Ordering and delivery of the building.

The basic constructions of the finished building are delivered to the construction site in a special protective packaging and only panel assembly is done on the site.  Depending on the size of the building, the assembly work is done during a period of several days. After completion of the building we also offer to carry out interior design and interior finishing works.



Foundation of the building

Foundation of the building.

Each module of the building is supported by four pivot points and it does not need the traditional concrete ribbon foundation. Instead, we use boring piles, which need to be installed by the customer before the building assembly and according to our recommendations. The main advantage of the use of boring piles is the speed of installation, which allows to significantly save both the time and costs of the construction. Furthermore, it is an environmentally friendly solution, leaving behind no dug-up soil, damaged lawn or greenery and no unnecessary debris.



Facade of the building

Facade of the building.

We offer four stylistically different solutions in an equally high-class design: corten steel panels, polymer concrete panels, wooden lining as well as a classic decorative plaster.


Energy efficient windows

Energy efficient windows.
  • PVC windows
  • Window type – ALUPLAST IDEAL 4000
  • PVC profile with 5 chambers, 6/14+4LowE (Prm)+Arg, with selective glass “Premium”, k=1,1 , reinforced with a galvanised steel profile with wall thickness no less than 1.5 mm
  • Window installation depth – 70 mm
  • Uw<=1,31
  • Window frames for these projects are made in a dark brown/white tone
  • The windows are equipped with fittings by the German window hardware manufacturer SIEGENIA