Living place 174 m
This includes:
Central terrace 25.5 m2
Balcony terrace 39 m2

The price offer consists of the following components (more detailed project description you can get in Price offer):
  • Producing of prefabricated house elements according to the technical description

  • Assembling and set-up of prefabricated house elements on site

  • Additional materials

  • External finishing of prefabricated house elements

  • Inside communication works – electric installation, water supply and plumbing system

  • Internal finishing

The price offer does not include (more detailed project description you can get in Price offer):
  • Transport from Square House factory in Aizkraukle (the complete transportation cost its given after a price check from the customer)

  • Ground work and screw pile foundation work

  • Heating and ventilation system

  • Crane rent, lift rent, garbage containers rent, scaffolding rent

Floor plan examples
Completion of the building

In this section you can choose one of the façade solutions recommended by our designers that will facilitate the building completion process. However, if you have your own vision and you wish to participate in the selection of interior and façade materials and elements, it is possible to do so and we will agree on the details in an individual building order completion process.

What can I get for the price?

Interior finishing

Interior repairs include installation, finishing and painting of gypsum board walls and ceilings; assembly of window sills, parquet floors, tiles and doors; inside communication works – electric installation, water supply and plumbing system.



JELD-WEN doors

JELD-WEN is the leading supplier in the Scandinavian door market. We offer classic door from their product range, which will be a great addition for your interior, also providing a high level of sound insulation.



BOEN floor

BOEN is an international floor manufacturing company that appreciates people’s various requirements and differences in sense of style. We, too, challenge ourselves to think as diversely as possible in order to help our clients implement all of their ideas regarding interior.



Walls and floor tiles

We offer two types of design walls and floor tiles for your selection. We are confident that the floor and wall finishing can be fitted into the interior so organically that it can remain almost unseen. However, it is also the biggest advantage, because it helps to highlight other elements, objects and details in the room.


Terrace polymer decking boards

A summer morning, a fuming coffee cup and a terrace. Enjoy the moment! There will be many like these, but each of them is uniquely special. Enjoy the wonderful characteristics of the terrace polymer decking boards – they don’t get slippery during the rain, but in the sunlight they accumulate heat and energy just to later share with you.



High-quality pinewood boards are used in the outer window recesses of the building façade, giving these planes of the building a natural and cosy design. An additional advantage of this design – it helps creating a healthy indoor microclimate.



The main functions of the decorative plaster is beautifying the surface, creating a sense of completion and protecting the building constructions against weather. A house with a façade that has been finished with the decorative plaster, creates an undeniably orderly and even prestigious impression.



What can I get for an additional price?

Fireplace NORDPEIS & flue

The warming fire “Lisboa” by NORDPEIS provides a great flame visibility from any point, and is also easy to install and has a laconic design. The price includes a flue and its’ installation.

Heating fireplace “Lisboa”, chimney with installation: 4199EUR



We offer two stylistically different solutions for the façade finishing that have an equally high-class design: decorative plaster and wooden lining. The exterior finishing of the building will be identical to the one you can see in the building presentation photos above.

Decorative plaster and wooden lining


Exterior facade blinds

Exterior façade blinds by WAREMA. During summers they will protect the indoors from the sun and excessive heating, as well as will provide the possibility to limit the visibility of the room. They also serve as a great design highlight.

WAREMA external system blind with installation: 11 800EUR


The intelligent home system

The intelligent home system “FIBARO” lets you adjust the heat output remotely from any place, thus saving around 25% of the heating costs. The home system allows you to program functions like turning on the lighting before arrival of the owners, turning on music and other pleasurable functions that will increase your physical and emotional comfort.

Inteligent home system FIBARO: The price will be calculated after your choose amplitude


Built-in kitchen furniture

Integrated kitchen. A specially designed high-quality kitchen unit is manufactured for each building individually. The furniture by the well-known producer “BLUM” is used in its’ manufacturing process.

Built-in kitchen furniture with installation: 3200EUR




The stair’s superstructure that was designed specifically for this project is made of metal and is painted according to the interior design – in a light or dark tone. Stairs have wooden steps and their tone is matched with the selected floor colour. Stairs have a secure, durable and at the same time elegant glass railing.

Stairs with installation: 5500EUR


Rubber boots

Rubber boots. Warm and water-proof rubber boots for more comfortable walks during the rainy season. Just a small but a very nice detail! They will come in handy for romantic walks through the surrounding neighbourhood, for a venturesome mushroom hunting or an autumnal adventure in the wilderness.

Rubber boots: 10EUR